Hi, I'm Dalis of Dancing Leaf Farm, a one woman cottage business located in rural Maryland.  I hand dye various yarn bases in small batches in my dye 'lab' in the basement of my farmhouse. From there the yarn hangs on the sheep fence to be sun dried overlooking the Catoctin mountains, with sheep grazing the field and honeybees collecting pollen. Each batch may vary, but I put forth attention to detail, hand mixing the dyes and layering on the colors. I am on well water so am cautious of water usage. Most of my yarns are commercially spun but I do use my sheep's wool for my own handspinning, creating art yarn.


Inside my studio are shelves brimming with color and texture.

In my dye lab creating colorful yarn.


I knit and very often wear my items.


Dancing Leaf Farm does not have regular hours, but customers may
email or call ahead to visit.