Wrap Me Up Buttercup, Triangle Version Pattern

Similar to the Rectangle and Poncho version of shawl. But this is the triangle shawl, measuring about 62" wide at the top and 31" from the top to the bottom tip.

Knit with 6 individual yarns, all hand painted by me. The ‘Biggie’ bundle consists of Salsa, Loopy, Fuzzy, Bossa Nova, Pizzazz and Twist. These yarns are NOT tied end to to end, they are 6 different yarns that will make 6 balls of yarn.  Lots of texture and plenty of color makes this shawl stand out. Fun to knit and even more fun to wear! This shawl has a crocheted picot edge but it can also be knit if you don't crochet at all.
Sample shown knit in 'Forest' colorway.


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